For non-science people, the Thyroid is simple an organ that resides inside the Adam’s apple. Now it doesn’t mean that if one has a big, protruding Adam’s apple then they have a huge thyroid, or an infected one. For the technically oriented, the thyroid gland is an organ situated around the neck area and secretes hormones whose function is to regulate your rate of growth. Thyroid also is responsible for energy boosts and in most cases its functions are impeded by an unregulated production of its hormones. This un-regulation usually is as a result of either an under-production or an over production of the said hormones.

You may be sure it is a thyroid problem if the following symptoms are present: feeling crabby, constipated, having dry skin, depression, short attention span and more severe complications such as goiter and thyroid cancer.

The following ten ways can empower you to take charge and heal thyroid naturally:

Up your iodine intake.

Iodine is a most effective ingredient in the optimal regulation of the thyroid glands. Iodine is to be found naturally in salts. Buy sea salt that has iodine added to it and you could as well forget about thyroid related complications.

Avoid caffeine that is, stop consuming too much coffee.

Caffeine in your system is like a drug that you have consumed. Like all drugs it stimulates certain areas of your body. Caffeine will stimulate the Thyroid gland to secrete its hormones. This may lead to over-secretion if the thyroid gland was already at work for another purpose.

Reduce you intake of sugars and starchy foods.

Starchy foods are converted into sugars. Starchy foods from highly refined sources are especially dangerous. The sugars cause a stimulus in energy production which interferes with the work of the thyroid gland.

Eat more of the protein portions in your meal.

This is because protein actively assists in distributing the hormones secreted by your thyroid gland so they reach and activate far areas of your body. This effective transportation will spread out the thyroid hormone thus normalizing the thyroid functions.

Cook foods that you eat as opposed to buying already processed, packed and ready to eat foods. Again, the emphasis here is to avoid the processes sugars. All such packed, ready to eat foods are laden with processed sugars.

Eat more selenium and vitamin rich foods.

Like iodine, selenium and vitamins add vital nutrients required by the thyroid to operate.

Get fat on Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats.

Scientists have arrived at the conclusion that not all fat is bad, this types of fat are very useful in the functions of Thyroid gland.

Eat more greens.

Vegetables are a good source of natural vitamins.

Detoxify your body regularly in the day.

This is achieved by drinking lots of water.

Exercise your body.

Exercising is a advice by many health experts because it creates a natural system of the body regulating itself. A good 30 minute exercise daily will keep the doctor away in thyroid-speak!



The rate of hair re-growth is affected by a set of biological parameters that are person-specific.




For non-science people, the Thyroid is simple an organ that resides inside the Adam’s apple. Now it doesn’t mean that if one has a big


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