10 Ways to Treat Gum Disease with Home Made Remedies

The tissues that surround your teeth play a very important role in your body. Besides their aesthetic values (that you may look good when you smile), they have the more vital role of supporting your teeth. Being tissues, they are subject to infection and attack by disease causing germs and bacteria. However, you may not notice this onset of bacterial infection or attack because the infections are usually painless. This means there is a poor supply of nerve endings around gum tissue to notify you of an anomaly. That however, does not mean you are facing a minor problem, far be it! In fact, if the infection goes unchecked, which happens all too frequently because, as stated, victims are usually unaware of this, the infection results in a loss of a significant portion of your dental formulae – your teeth!

I have included for you 10 ways you can fight gum disease effectively at home, using homemade solutions. These are:

Keep of over anxiety.

Simply avoiding too much stress in your life can save you lots of toothache! True, it’s been found out that tooth infections increase among stressed-out people. It could be because of the reduced immunity that occurs when under duress.

Mix salt in water and drink.

Yes, those simple things mommy used to do for us when we were kids actually have a potent preventive mechanism. Salt, especially one with iodine, has strong bacteria fighting qualities. Mix a small portion in your glass and wash your mouth with it. Spitting out the mixture is best.

Placed used tea leaves (from your cup of tea) on your gum for a few minutes..

Tea leaves have an acid that destroys bacteria.

Use the old, tried, tested and proven solution honey! Among the many uses of honey is bacteria fighting, so rub some honey on your gums and enjoy nice taste plus antiseptic qualities.

Brush your teeth with turmeric.

Turmeric is effective when mixed with a little water and a soft tooth brush. The solution enters in between the teach and dislodges the bacteria hiding their enabling your teeth remain bacteria free. Turmeric powder can be purchased from any spices shop.

Gurgle coconut oil in your mouth for a while, like 20 minutes and spit it out. Repeat the procedure and rinse with warm water. Coconut oil works wonders for hair as well, and it is its anti-fungal potency that is used so effectively when applied to teeth.

A lemon solution is equally effective.

The citric acid in lemons has anti-bacterial qualities. Gurgle and spit.

Eat fruits regularly, especially those that have vitamins C. They do the same job as lemons.

Keep away from chewing tobacco.

Smokers stand at high risk of gum disease as well because the tobacco smoke settles on their gums. Tobacco frustrates the anti-bacterial agents.

In case your infection is due to high acid levels in your mouth, then use baking soda. Mix it with water to a pasty state and brush with a soft tooth brush.



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