11 Ways to Get Rid of Flies by Homemade Remedies

Get Rid of Flies by Homemade Remedies

Flies in your home can be a constant irritant as well as a major source of embarrassment for you when hosting visitors. Constantly buying insecticides can also drain your budget as well as leave an uncomfortable smell of insecticide in your rooms.

That said, here are alternative ways you can deal with these buggers

To start with you must start washing dishes soonest you use them. Food left over is a major reason for flies to hang around your rooms. To clean your house, use good quality disinfectant that works day till night.

Cover you in-house dust bins so that left over food may not be exposed to flies.

Empty your bin regularly to rid yourself of rotting smells and other bad odors that may waft out of your closed bin. Flies are also fascinated towards fruits, especially mangoes and apples. So, if you place any cut fruits on the table or in the kitchenette, make sure that they are covered properly.

Provide your pet only those food potions it can eat and finish. Allow no leftover food from their plates. Even dry food can attract desperate flies. Always keep pet food dishes clean; particles of food are enough to keep flies happy.

If your pet is a cat or any other fly eating pet, encourage it to catch flies. Pets love obeying their masters!

It is a well known fact that flies are also attracted by light. So darken your room and leave the window open. Flies inside the room will naturally head for the window. Once out, shut the windows.

Be in the habit of closing the doors after you leave a room. This also helps in keeping flies from entering into that room. But you have to scan the room before closing to ensure no flies are trapped in the room after you close!

Clapping your hands near the flies causes a sound shock wave that temporarily makes flies loose sense and fall down. You can easily kill them at this point.

Swat the flies’ dead. Fly swat is a cheap method to keep flies at bay in your house. It’s a hassle-free method of killing flies

Use camphor wood in the house. Just light it up, as it burns the smell is an irritant to flies and they will do whatever is possible to run away.

Use vinegar. Soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe surfaces where flies like to visit. You can also wipe vinegar on all surfaces. The smell of vinegar is an irritant to flies. Alternatively, you can fill a clean jar to halfway with apple cider vinegar. Punch some holes in the lid. The holes need to be large enough for the flies to enter the jar. Screw the lid to the jar. Place where the flies are hanging about. Wait for the flies to crawl in. They're not bright enough to work out how to get back out and the vinegar will take care of them. Refresh regularly.



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