7 ways to control excessive sweating


Sage tea

Sage tea is known not an awesome solution for handling excessive sweating actually and stop lavish dousing with no reason. Take crisp or dried sage leaves or make a tea with the leaves by including a modest bunch of them in bubbling water. Permit to soak for ten minutes and beverage it with nectar or lemon to include flavor. The tea is likewise useful for outside application. Cool the tea and utilizing a cotton ball, apply on zones that sweat excessively like the armpits, neck, soles and so forth. Sage tea is known not sweating by around fifty percent.

Tea sacks

Tea sacks too can help in the lessening of excessive sweating. The tannins that are available in tea sacks are known not extremely cooling to the body. Tea packs can be utilized as a douse for cooling your body and stopping excessive sweating. Include 4-5 tea sacks to a tub loaded with warm water. Permit the water to soak and swing to room temperature. Absorb your body this water for 30 minutes consistently to control sweating. Another technique to utilize tea sacks is to wet them and refrigerate them.


Tomatoes are rich in cancer prevention agents and this is known not a helpful impact on the whole body including the sweat organs, the capacity of which too will be managed with the treatment. Take 2-3 tomatoes consistently subsequent to cooling them. This will confer a cooling impact on the body.


Applying vinegar on ranges that sweat excessively is referred to go about as an antiperspirant. Vinegar frames a coat on the surface of the skin and the pores through which the sweat turns out will stay shut with this treatment. Take vinegar and utilizing a cotton ball, apply on the ranges that give you inconvenience. Permit the vinegar to air dry and rehash all for the duration of the day for best results.


Potatoes are known not abundance water from the body and this is the reason they are referred to everywhere throughout the world as an antiperspirant and blocking operators. Take a little potato and cut into half and rub within the potato on zones that sweat abundantly. Permit it to dry before you wear your garments. This will go about as a retentive cushion that douses all the sweat and counteracts further sweating. You can likewise utilize potato juice for the reason. Remove the juice and container it for normal utilization. Refrigerate for best results and utilize a cotton ball for application at whatever point fundamental.

Green tea

Green tea builds your metabolic rate and aides in simple disposal of fats and toxins through the guts. It is likewise an upsetting and detoxifying specialist. Drinking 2 some green tea consistently can help in controlling the sweating enormously. Because of the ideal end of toxic waste in the body, sweating excessively will be extraordinarily controlled and one need not worry about humiliating circumstances any longer. Then again, it may not be suitable for individuals with caffeine confinements.


The force of cornstarch powder to retain sweat helps in keeping the sweat from leaking through your garments and reason humiliation. After a shower, you can rub corn starch powder on zones that are inclined to sweating. This must be done after your body is totally dry as it can prompt clustering and make a wreck. Dust with cornstarch at whatever point you feel that you are breaking into a sweat.



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